Revomon:-A Revolutionary Collectible Monster Game with NFT and Virtual Reality, with an Exciting New Metaverse Combined With Blockchain Technology.

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The study's context

Without a doubt, online gaming has become a phenomenon that cannot be ignored. Hundreds of millions of people play a variety of games, some professionally and others informally, all over the world. Gaming used to be seen as a curiosity, but it is now considered the norm among many young people. The term "play-to-earn" has been thrown around a lot recently. Play-to-earn is exactly what it sounds like: a business model in which customers may play a game while also earning cryptocurrency.It’s a strong psychological paradigm because it combines two goals that have propelled humans since the beginning of time: making money and having pleasure. This model’s most important aspect is that it grants players ownership of certain in-game assets and allows them to increase their value by actively playing the game. In the cryptocurrency world, non-fungible tokens are often used to identify ownership and even transfer it (NFT).


In the gaming industry, a new idea known as the "Metaverse" has recently gained a lot of traction. Imagine a world where everything is possible if it is conceived and built properly. It’s a world of infinite and linked virtual worlds where individuals can use headsets, AR devices, and other smart gadgets to play, socialize, work, and do anything they want.

Another prospective initiative for people interested in becoming engaged in these blockchain-based VR games and earning bitcoin and NFTs is Revomon.

Market studies conducted by reputable organizations such as Goldman Sachs Investment, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States, and China's Ministry of Commerce and Industry & Information Technology (MIIT) all show that the VR industry has enormous potential in the coming decades.

We'll use information from Nielsen and its affiliate "SuperData," which regularly monitors the gaming business, to help visualize this.

In 2020, the virtual reality (hardware and software) industry is expected to be worth approximately $40 billion.

Revomon's full description

Behind the scenes of the Metaverse, Revomon is an interesting endeavor. Revomon is a revolutionary virtual reality environment that offers an unrivaled experience. To build a genuinely unique and realistic virtual reality experience, this Metaverse integrates blockchain technology and groundbreaking Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) with Photon.

Works principle

Revomon uses augmented reality technology to deliver more information about people, locations, and businesses that you encounter in real life. The ultimate objective is to provide you with more information and comments on what you're looking at so you can make better purchase decisions. Revomon accomplishes this by using your smartphone's camera to superimpose information over tangible things, such as a book.

Revomon will be enhanced with additional features in the next few months. Revomon just launched new features that will allow our players to earn cryptocurrency as well as utilize their tokens to purchase gaming hardware.

This is accomplished by providing a one-of-a-kind marketplace where gamers may purchase products using Revomon. We’re ecstatic to finally be able to use this functionality as we bring Revomon to life.

Players will be able to auction off their Revomons in-game. Players may win incentives by playing Revomon for a certain number of hours. In our Dapp Marketplace, $REVO Tokens will be utilized to buy and sell Revomon and other equipment.

Revomon's distinguishing characteristics

Ownership: The Revomon project addresses this problem by enabling players to keep ownership of all looted, created, and captured creatures. The entire world of gaming is kept on centralized databases, with the exception of a few developing blockchain games. This creates a universe in which players have no genuine control over their characters or objects.

Play to win: The more time you spend in-game, the more prizes you'll receive.Revomon's fundamental goal is to provide a fantastic gaming experience with a working and valued economy.

Governance (DAO): The $REVO governance token allows Revomon to employ a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Revo fosters collaboration between both the community and the team, allowing for a community-driven decision-making paradigm. Each token symbolizes a vote on the platform's future choices, which may be communicated through voting. In brief, for this project, a decentralized board of directors has been established, and anybody can join it.

Staking/Farming: The RevoVault will hold 35.22 percent of the total supply, which will be used to reward stakers or provide liquidity to DeFi protocols.Increasing liquidity allows you to bet the LP tokens you get in order to earn REVO tokens at a variable APY.


Revomon players might be awarded for the amount of time they spend playing the game. The time they spend playing is precious, and the stuff they earn will be useful to other gamers. This goal is at the heart of the game’s design. The Revomon platform is powered by REVO Token, which serves as the network’s native currency.


Revomon uses augmented reality technology to deliver more information about people, locations, and businesses. The app uses your smartphone’s camera to superimpose information over tangible things, such as books. Revomon just launched new features that will allow players to earn cryptocurrency and use their tokens to purchase gaming hardware.

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