Survive - A Greatly Implemented Gaming Network Which has been placed in the Immersive Digital Metaverse

In the spectrum of the metaverse, users can carry out different kind of functions which are related to real world usages, this 3d virtual spectrum has been integrated into different industries and sectors such as the gaming industry. The gaming industry has fully usaed this amazing spectrumof the metaverse to facilitate their gaming systems such as Town developments, virtual interactions and so on. Recently, this Ecosystem moved on to integrate the Play2earn mechanism in order to work hand in hand with the metaverse's diverse plains.

Players or gamers through the use of the Play2earn Mechanism, can carry out different functions in the metaverse, such as rare item purchases, power ups and many more to come

The article today is going to be placing a lot of emphasis on the amazing spectrum of the Survive Gaming Network. The game provides playtoearn and NFT based mechanisms for users to experience in the wonderful universe of the metaverse.


The SurviveP2E gaming network is a well Structured metaverse gaming medium which is supported by NFT Global. Through the platform, various users can freely play the game while earning great funds. The platform’s team is based in Switzerland and comprises advanced developers with over 10 years of experience, developing games with amazing visuals and addictive gameplay


A highly Professional Team : the amazing members of the team are very sophisticated with their systems, and they have more than 5 years worth of experience in the development of games.

NFT Global Support: the Survive game is also supported by a fully functional & established platform called NFTglobal (enabling an NFT spectrum), with a huge Community consisting of more than 150 thousand individuals across every one of their SocialMedia Networks.

PlaytoEarn System: Numerous players on the network can now gain the SURV tokens along with other assets in order to amplify competitive gameplay while stimulating engagement by basically playing. Gaining rewards on the network serves as a key component to the increased pace of growth.

Gaming Economy: The SURV tokens were structured to exist at the core of the Ecosystem's economy, utilized by users to buy ingame items such as guns, boats, Cars, and many more, while gaining stake based rewards.


The token utilized on the platform is called SURV token. This token can be utilized to carry out various trading activities on the network. The platform recently had their private sales at the End of last year. This private sale was a demonstration of power and proved that Survive has really incentivized the users in the community.


The world of the metaverse has been proving itself as a truly immersive and enjoyable 3D virtual world where users can carry out different sort of worldly functions. The Survive Play2earn game is here to facilitate the usage of the metaverse while granting users the means of earning funds. It truly will be an amazing experience for both the gamers & the Cryptocurrency operators.

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I am a experienced digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews, Also a Norse by Profession. Please Follow me I Follow back

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I am a experienced digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews, Also a Norse by Profession. Please Follow me I Follow back