SMASH CASH: This is a highly secured platform with anonymous and private transactions on 10 blockchains.

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With the ascent of Bitcoin, specialists have started to examine decentralized record advances in an assortment of fields, including digital currency, banking, and data innovation, to give some examples. Specialists found that the absence of incorporated command over the organization could prompt more powerful, reasonable, and straightforward monetary frameworks, as Bitcoin turned into the principal decentralized installment framework.

Thus, Bitcoin started the improvement of a large number of other decentralized frameworks with an assortment of capacities. Nonetheless, as more individuals became inspired by digital money exchanges, protection and namelessness turned out to be progressively significant.

The making of cryptographic money that is upheld by various blockchains and focuses on security and liquidity would have been an incredible leap forward! Thus, this article is about a stunning undertaking called Smashcash!

What is Smashcash?

By isolating the on-steel between the beneficiary and objective wallet, Smash Cash consummates exchange security. It utilizes a brilliant agreement to acknowledge stores in BNB, ADA, DOT, XRP, USDT, ETH, and Matic, which would then be able to be removed utilizing various addresses.

By isolating the on-steel between objective and beneficiary locations, Smash Cash guarantees transaction anonymity and privacy on 10 of the most well-known blockchains and supports 15 tokens.

Smashcash is launching SMASH, a decentralized symbolic that utilizes zero-information confirmations (zk-SNARKS) to guarantee mysterious exchanges for 10 tokens across 15 blockchains. Basically, the SMASH stage will allow you to create private and mysterious wallets on four diverse blockchains. Crush will be a non-custodial token, implying that brilliant agreements and assets won't ever be claimed or held in the authority of an outsider or stage during the assistance time frame.

Vision and Mission

SmashCash was established on the conviction that having command over your cash, information, and personality is a fundamental basic freedom. By accepting that decentralization is the way to enable individuals all around the world to all the more likely secure their freedoms and that by speeding up the reception of digital money, we are helping the world toward this path.

Why Smashcash?

SmashCash enables you to maintain financial security, which is critical to saving time.Crush Cash idealizes exchange protection by isolating the on-steel between the beneficiary and objective locations.


The task, alongside its coin, is totally decentralized and namelessness-centered, guaranteeing that no single element has significant control over the organization or its assets.

Blockchains Support

SmashCash offers support for 10 unique blockchains and 15 tokens, including Binance, Ether, Polkadot, Cardano ADA, XRP, MATIC, and USDT, to work with its clients depending on various undertakings.

Fixed Contract

SmashCash permits you to store a decent measure of ETH, DOT, ADA, XRP, MATIC, USDT, and BNB in the agreement. The Crush Cash Platform permits you to disengage the essential connection between the beginning wallet and the objective wallet by utilizing a zk-SNARKS calculation.


The cash is non-custodial, which implies that shrewd agreements just as the assets aren't possessed or "in care" by an outsider or a stage anytime during the assistance time frame.


It also uses zero-information confirmations, or zk-SNARKS, to ensure security by requiring the client to provide evidence that they have a mystery that relates to one of the clever agreements.

Marking Reward

Stake SMASH and procure prizes in SMASH tokens. To stake, you needn't bother with specific equipment or gadgets. You can do it straightforwardly from your telephone or PC. Stake SMASH to latently bring in cash from your tokens.

Features of the platform

Free and Open Source

All the source code, circuits, and on-chain information for Smash are open source.

Fixed Parameters

Convention boundaries and token dispersion are conclusive and customized into savvy contracts.

No single point of failure

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) helps to ensure that there is no single point of failure on the stage.The stage is live if something like one of the IPFS servers is alive. In short, nobody can bring down the stage.

Client Incentives

Clients are boosted to stake their SMASH tokens to procure mark rewards. Rewards show up on your record intermittently. Procure prizes with just $1 in crypto.

Benefit Sharing

The Crush stage shares the benefit produced from charges in local tokens like ADA, BNB, DOT, and ETH.

Smash Cash is unstoppable.

No administrators or engineers can close down the application. Totally decentralized.


The zkSNARK keys are secure as long as at least one commitment is straightforward.

Efforts in the Community

The Smash Cash stage is dependent on amazing open-source research by Algorand and the Zcash group, with the assistance of Ethereum, ADA, Polkadot, and the Binance people group.

How it works


A client produces a private key by storing Ether, ADA, DOT, BNB, or any of the 15 upheld tokens alongside presenting a hash of the note to the Smash Cash brilliant agreement.


When the assets are kept, the client needs to hang tight for quite a while, so the security of the withdrawal is improved. Better security is straightforwardly relative to the standby time.


Presently, the client can submit confirmation that they have a substantial key to one of the store notes, and the savvy contract delivers the assets to the beneficiary. Ensure you present the note with the individual agreement.


Token Utility

In order to receive compensationSmash token holders should stake Smash tokens in our foundation. There are 3 levels of enrollment.

Level one holders will receive 20,000 SMASH.

Holders of Level 2 — 100,000 SMASH

Level three holders will receive 200,000 SMASH.

Individuals will get ADA, BNB, or AVAX as remuneration, depending on the enrollment levels. What's more, the best part is that rewards will be paid once, like clockwork. Since the prizes are in local tokens, SMASH tokens will not be unloaded on the lookout. SmashCash clients should keep 20,000 SMASH tokens in their wallets to gather 5% of the stage charge split between tier 1 holders. They can pick one token to accept their motivators.

Customers who hold 100,000 SMASH tokens in their wallet will gather 15% of the stage expenses, which are split between holders.


1 Billion Smash Tokens can be stamped at any time.

Pre-sold Smash Tokens: $100,000

IDO: 100,000,000

1 billion SMASH is the most SMASH ever.

All-out Market Cap: $1 Million (Fully Diluted)

100 million trade listings, or 10%

displaying and promoting27%, 270 million

Work that is innovative and worth $300 million 20% of the time

Rewards of $200 million are being marked down by 20%.

Guides and the group10% of 100 million


A completed item on each of the ten blockchains and fifteen tokens

The first product to make private and unknown exchanges on the Harmony ONE, MoonRiver, FANTOM, Arbitrum, and SOLANA Blockchains.

Smash rewards in AVAX, ADA, and BNB so tokens can't be unloaded.

$100K is a minuscule market capitalization.

The fully diluted market cap is minuscule — $1 million.

Market Cap of a Contender with Only 5 Blockchains — $700 Million or More

Free and Open Source

Source Code was examined

Decentralized Hosting—No one can close down the stage.

The advantage of holding SMASH is that it upholds 10 separate blockchains and 15 tokens; AVAX, Harmony ONE, MoonRiver, Dai, FANTOM, Arbitrum, BNB, ETHER, XRP, DOT, SOLANA, MATIC, USDC, WITH, QUICK and USDT, permitting the clients to zero in on a few endeavors, which gives adaptability and opportunity in exchange.

Finally, remark

Individuals and cryptocurrency devotees should watch out for this undertaking. Due to the need and want to keep away from centralization, Defi has risen to prominence. Likewise, everybody needs the protection that Smashcash gives, so it's for everybody. For the next stage, protection, liquidity, and security are all met.Furthermore, it's awesome among its rivals in light of the fact that the administrations it offers give it a benefit!

Subsequently, the token has a brilliant future in front of it. Get everything rolling with Smashcash and send tokens between wallets safely and namelessly.

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