The world's many corporate sectors are starting to use blockchain technology, which has advanced significantly. One of the most important commercial areas where blockchain technology will undoubtedly have a significant impact is agriculture. Another is longevity. The development of a sustainable blockchain platform with a completely decentralized feature is still necessary despite the existence of several blockchain projects with various characteristics targeted at simplifying transactions for society. The creation of Saratoga was prompted by this requirement (SRT).

The Ecosystem of Saratoga

A blockchain-based high-tech platform called Saratoga was created to address the urgent need to advance finance, healthcare, and agricultural technologies. By combining agriculture with blockchain technology, it will technically enhance agricultural operations and businesses. Cryptocurrency may be used to pay for agricultural goods, eliminating the need for unneeded middlemen. Investors will have more control over their investments and benefit more after this is completed.

Every cryptocurrency enthusiast will be able to make secure investments in the entirely decentralized Saratoga ecosystem. It has the greatest security technologies and is extremely secure, scalable, and transparent. Through its different investment plans and chances, it provides its user community with mind-blowing and sustained crypto returns. With the support of numerous distinctive non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Saratoga is intended to introduce a game-changing innovation to the cryptocurrency and agriculture sectors. To all holders of the platform’s NFTs, substantial profit returns of up to 90% will be made. The bigger the quantity of returns to be earned from the platform, the longer the term of holding the NFTs.


Token Name: Saratoga

Token Symbol: SRT

Decimals: 9

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Contract Address: 0x03A68938551E1820748167011aa5E44dA1CFE858


Token total supply: 7,000,000,000 SRT

Token supply locked until November 2023: 51%

Reserved for longevity, wellness, dApps, and more products: 25%

Reserved for liquidity pool, farming, and incentives: 5%

Reserved for marketing rewards: 5%

Reserved for Treasury and OPEX: 5%

Reserved for fair launch: 4%

Reserved for the team: 5%

Tax fee in percentage: 1%

Liquidity fee in percentage: 1%

Participation in the token sale procedure

Send BUSD or BNB to the specified master wallet address (BSC), 0xE5176FEcb7Bad6181b4ED422bF9c0d4E5A3BaFB0, to purchase SRT.

SRT will be transferred automatically to your sending wallet after sending BUSD or BNB. The minimum deposit for several investment categories is 0.1 BNB.

For a deposit of 3 to 30 BNB, 1 SRT will equal 0.0084 USD in BNB.

For deposits of 30 BNB or more, 1 SRT is equal to 0.007 USD in BNB.


Through a blockchain platform built on the Metaverse, Saratoga is a trustless environment that offers its consumers the finest trading experience. It is constructed using Binance Smart Chain, and SRT, its native token, is used to facilitate payments and rewards. The group’s goal is to use blockchain to completely transform the agricultural industry. Through this innovative fusion of blockchain technology and agriculture, Saratoga will become more sustainable and appealing to investors.






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