Mega Bitcoin: An Amazing Cryptocurrency Platform That Rewards and Facilitates Financial Solutions for Users.

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The financial community as a whole has felt the impact of this great technological advancement since the introduction of blockchain technology and the introduction of Bitcoin as the leading digital currency whose operations take place on blockchain. Despite Bitcoin’s and other previous cryptocurrencies’ great achievements, there is still a need to develop a decentralised finance system that will provide investors with more financial support and investment security. The development of an innovative coin, MEGA BITCOIN, was prompted by this need.

Mega Bitcoin Ecosystem

Mega Bitcoin is a new and exciting cryptocurrency that was created to reward digital asset investors more generously. Mega Bitcoin will provide its users with the most engaging trading experience possible, allowing them to conduct transactions at the lowest possible interest rate at any time and from any location with just a click.

Mega Bitcoin is here to satisfy the crypto industry’s lengthy expectations by allowing users to take out a loan in cryptocurrency.

Mega Bitcoin is intended to address a variety of financial issues, including funding, clearing, and the provision of digital finance services, as well as international trading. Mega Bitcoin is a decentralised form of finance that is owned by the community (holders).

Features of Mega Bitcoin

Liquidity: Mega Bitcoin is designed to be easily swapped for other decentralised financial instruments.

Token Security: Holders’ digital assets (Mega Bitcoin) are highly secured thanks to the issuance of the token based on blockchain technology, which is accompanied by Bitcoin rewards to the community of users.

Maneuverable: This is a creative approach that aims to recycle the tokens rather than burning them after launch.

Traceability: payment activitie by any participatant can be easily trace using Bscscan, which is designed and built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Trustworthy and transparent: Mega Bitcoin transactions would be accessible to all people participating, with no hidden fees.


Token Name: Mega Bitcoin

Token sticker: $MBC

Total Supply: 1 quadrillion

Purchasing Fee: 14 percent

Selling Fee: 14 percent



Smart contract development for Mega Bitcoin Bitcoin Rewards: 11%

Launch of the Website

Social media for community development (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Telegram, Tik-tok and so on)

Liquidity (90%) is locked in for 6 months.

Increased marketing and advertising for the public launch of the poocoin Pancakeswap v2

Coinmarketcap and Coingecko listings.


Holders of $50,000 or more

Increased rewards for MBC Credit Card holders in order to expand the Bitcoin Development team

Program Network Marketing

Website re-design.


Holders: 100k

Incorporation of a team to manage assets

Personal cryptocurrency loans are now available.

Liquidity limits on Bitcoin Credit Cards have been raised.

Marketing exchange for rewards tokens

In the Mega Bitcoin Free Trade Zone, the formation of a free entity.

Listing on a Major Exchange

Various financial regulators have issued important licences.

Monthly (live) raffles for MBC holders

MBC holders will receive a BTC random reward.


MEGABITCOIN, which asserts to be the coin with the highest reward rate among the current generation of blockchain-based coins. Investing in decentralised finance, rather than saving fiat money in the bank, is now the way to achieve financial freedom and empowerment. Technologically, blockchain technology opens doors to portals that were previously unimaginable, and Megabitcoins is one of these portals.

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