MedicDoge - A Highly Developed Playtoearn Gaming Network placed to work with Metaverse functions.

The NFT ecosystem has really taken the place of prominence and originality to the next level and is in need of projects which amalgamate the features of NFTs, DeFi and The Metaverse into one ecosystem. In the article, The platform, MedicDoge, truly achieves and satisfies these demographics and will only further improve on it's creativity and diversity. More interesting details will be discussed, especially their features, and token utilization as well.


MedicDoge is prominently known as a charity based gaming platform which is fully based on the metaverse. It has also been released in order to carry out DeFi, gameFi and NonFungible token (NFT) systems. As time goes on, Metaverse landing plans are going to be initiated. Through this, the experience of the gaming network will become more immersive, thereby reeling in more interests from different users.

The network here also comprises of various components that have also been placed to promote gameplay diversification. These fantastic properties will be mentioned over the course of the article.

Virtual Reality Gaming (Nightingale's Hospital)

As the network becomes more prominent and essential, The platform will continue to develop and Optimize their gaming technology and systems such as Nightingale's Hospital. This Virtual Reality game has been fully created in order to allow players to purchase the lands of their choice and built hospitals. It should also be noted that all expenses here will be made via the use of the platform's token referred to as $MEDOGE.


$Medoge has been developed by the platform's team in order to act as it's native token. This BSC (Binance Smart Chain) based token is going to be utilized for the facilitation of various transactions and transfers that take place around the MedicDoge Ecosystem between various users. $Medoge also has a total token supply of 1,000,000,000,000 units.

More Details On Nightingale's Hospital

On the Nightingale's Hospital Virtual reality game, the players simply have to explore around their Field Hospitals so that they can expand through different means such as Purchases and Upgrades. Rewards are also gotten when the players help and heal the wounded that have been affected by the war. The platform's team got their gaming inspiration from other prominent networks like Sandbox and of course, Decentraland. It should be noted that The game here has also been provided with healthcare based NFTs.

Wallet Mechanism

Through the help of crosschain tech, MedicDoge also has now provided a digital asset based wallet which can found on different types of functional platforms like Windows, IOS & Android OS, in order to make sure that mainstream users around these functional platforms can take part in asset based circulation.


Token Name : Medic Doge Token

Token Ticker : $MEDOGE

Decimal: 18

Token type : Bep-20

Total Supply : 1,000,000,000,000 $MEDOGE

Contract Address : 0x719E6935b2a625dA9528251715B78DD30a284854


Team : 4.5%


Adiver : 0.5%

Marketing : 2%

Foundation: 10%

DOA : 20%

Token Sales : 8%

Cex & Dex Liquidity : 15%


MedicDoge is definitely one of the most interesting and entertaining Decentralized, metaverse based playtoearn gaming platforms out there. Through the gaming system users now have the opportunity to earn the platform's token, $MEDOGE, while participating in the entertaining aspect it offers.

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