SoAlien:-A Decentralize High-Tech Protocol Platform That Can Manage and Perform Thousands of Transactions in Second.


"No duplicates" or "unbeatable" is the meaning of the non-fungible token. From the definition of NFT, you might claim that this token is one-of-a-kind and can not be replaced by anything else. This NFT is a component of the Ethereum blockchain, which is used by popular cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin. Ethereum is a blockchain that facilitates non-fungible token transactions in addition to delivering crypto money. The unique code of the NFT metadata may be traced using this blockchain. With the use of a unique tracking number, you may learn more about the token's issuer, as well as the token's first and final owners.

The Platform Description in Details

As a rival, Solana emerged. Solana is a decentralized protocol and blockchain for creating decentralized applications (dApps) with up to 65 thousand transactions in a second throughput (TPS). Unlike other instruments that use Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, Solana uses a hybrid of PoS and Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus, which was invented by its creator, Anatoly Yakovenko. PoH is a notion that allows for more scalability in protocols, which enhances usability. Solana’s blockchain is programmable, just as Ethereum and Cardano’s. According to Blockchainmedia, Solana’s blockchain has now surpassed Ethereum in terms of transaction processing speed and number of TPS.

Alienville, in the United States, is a tiny town. Yes, you must be inquiring about this city; only aliens live here, and let me tell you how it came to be this way.

There have been rumors floating around concerning Aliens and Area 51. Aliens have lived among us for a long time, adapting to our lives, according to a number of people who have known and talked about them. Yes, they can speak English, work, and go to school like humans, and they can even hang out with other humans and SoAliens. Worse, they can become interested in arts and crafts like humans.

SoAliens have lived ordinary lives and occasionally assumed the form of mere humans, but this SoAliens looks to be a little different. This strange colony of soAliens is the inspiration for NFT's 10 thousand soAliens collection.

The unique features of the platform

Alienville Treasury

Alienville Merchandise

Exclusive Music Access

Scavenger Hunt

Deflationary Mechanism

Benefits of this unique platform

Deflation Mechanism: All investors who possess this SoAliens NFT will be notified that buybacks and burns will take place, and that the scheme will be totally transparent to investors. Investors can track or view the transaction ID in order to verify it. As well as all of the other one-of-a-kind community features planned by the team

Tools & Scarcity: We’ll be releasing our one-of-a-kind feature, the rarity tool and overview, before NFT Token trading begins. This will be published on the SoAliens online webpage as well as the Discord channel. Investors understand that scarcity adds value to a sale. soAlien is a key player in key/partner markets.

NFT Token Sale: To manufacture and sell the distinctive soAliens NFT collection, SoAlien will collaborate with key worldwide marketplaces. Right now, the team can't disclose much about the platform, but you can trust on us to create and exchange soAliens in a secure and transparent approach. The mint is expected to take place in early or mid November 2021, according to the teams. Investors will receive all information regarding this via the Discord channel, so make sure you join the team there.

Staking & Holding: Investors as soAlien holders will be able to stake soAlien NFTs and participate in prize distribution when the team launches a unique feature. All NFT holders will be treated equally by the team.

Governance: teams will also introduce governance, a new platform that will allow soAlien NFT owners to participate in making decisions about the community’s direction.

Bidding and retention: However, this capability will let SoAlien NFT owners to share in profit distribution, implying that owning a SoAlien NFT is extremely lucrative.


The soAlien project is currently the greatest project. This is only one of the many of cryptocurrency projects available. Stacking is one of the most inactive methods of making money. You may join the Full-House squad by stacking your tokens. Your income is decided by. SoAlien is one of the highest-quality projects in the current cryptocurrency market. One of them, at least. soAlien It has a bright future ahead of it. And this token is on its way to the moon.

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I have almost 4 years of expertise as a digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK

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Emperor Okpanku Stella

Emperor Okpanku Stella

I have almost 4 years of expertise as a digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK

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