G4GCOIN: An innovative platform that will shed light on important of health, politics, and economic growth in our society.

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The global economy appears to be shifting into a new phase at the moment. Because of worldwide changes in economic activity, there was an epidemic of a disease (the new coronavirus) in late 2019 that was subsequently labelled a pandemic after few months. As a result of the epidemic, businesses all over the world came to a standstill, and global leaders proclaimed absolute lockdown in their respective countries. This epidemic wreaked havoc on the global economy, politics, and the lives of people all over the planet. People today require a way to access goods and services from the comfort of their own homes in order to alleviate the world's challenges. This resulted in a significant increase in internet marketing, and many online shops prospered as a result of the epidemic.

Because of the world's current economic and health challenges, more platforms are needed to grow the economy and make things easier for individuals. "COINTECH" is one of the most dependable platforms to begin this approach.

Platform Description

COINTECH’s technology team created G4G, a decentralised platform with high-tech features. Its purpose is to use blockchain technology to benefit individuals all over the world. The G4G platform will be used to raise public awareness. By educating society in order for them to have proper knowledge in areas such as health, politics, community development, economic activity, and current technology,

The G4G team has built the platform to be able to issue 1billion G4G tokens to clients, with the proceeds going toward technology advancement and community growth. More revenues will be generated as profits as the value of the company’s investment rises. More funding will be allocated on Humans infrastructural development as profit rises.


Through the use of digital assets and the solidary cooperation of the global community, we hope to aid in the commercialization of inventions and ideas that are beneficial to humanity.

Token Description

Approximately 1 billion tokens will be issued by the G4G platform. They’ll also allow users to access well-placed instructional resources, as well as download e-books and participate in webinars. It’s worth noting that the G4Gtoken will be issued using the ITTO’s proprietary algorithm (Initial Technological TokenOffering). The ITTO will serve as a platform for token buyers to create accounts and purchase tokens via social media or email. As previously stated, the token has a total quantity of one billion units. Users who purchase the G4G Token have access to a variety of privileges, including discounts, access to the training programme, priority access to tokens in following pools, and the ability to utilise COINNTECH’s preferential condition services.

Token Name : G4G

Token Symbol : G4G

Smart Contract : Ethereum – ERC20

Total Supply : 1billion G4G

Smartb Contract Address: : 0xcCA2bA56667109512575a196A8AA8D920F63aCCe

Token Allocation

Distribution: 70 %

Members: 20 %

Marketing: 5 %

Reserve: 5 %


The coinntech platform acts as a link between your concept and its eventual commercialization. This will make it easier for new innovators as well as financed inventors to make use of technology opportunities. The coinntech platform, when combined with the G4G COIN, provides a one-of-a-kind experience. The major goal of the G4G COIN is to maximise resource efficiency while simultaneously serving as a versatile currency. The G4G COIN is the coinntech platform’s ruling currency, and acquiring G4G COIN right now will make every aspect of your life easier and more rewarding.

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