FalconSwap : A Decentralized Swapping Medium which Amazing Features for the DeFi Enthusiasts


The block chain industry has cleared a very lucrative and efficient path for various platforms and ecosystems in the digital world, First being the Decentralized and Centralized system. The Decentralized finance system has become one of the most cherished sectors in the finance industry. Platforms that utilize this non-governmental mechanism show that it's clearly dedicated to the community alone. In the Article today, we will be emphasizing on the project called FalconSwap, which has been placed for Swapping transactions around the Decentralized digital finance community. It's features and details will be outlined below.


FalconSwap is basically a DeFi based network that is developing quickly. The project is literally adding one new chain network every single week. It's mission is to enable an easy to access, transparent & seamless crypto currency exchanges for all types of users around the globe while producing minimal slippage.

The network is known prominently as a layer 2 scaling based solution developed on Uniswap. The platform executes schemes to simply aggregate various Decentralized finance networks such as Kyber, Bancor, Mooniswap, and so on. FalconSwap has been automated in order to solve the recurring problems that keeps digital users from utilizing the DeFi based networks, while facilitating the usage of various sectors such as Liquidity mining, Security Measures, Decentralized Exchange Aggregation, and it's very own wallet medium. More info about these sectors will be stated below:

FalconSwap Wallet: FalconSwap project has generated it's very own wallet medium, which can be obtained on their official website. For better security, users can store their crypto currencies on the highly efficient HardwareWallet medium like Trezor or the Ledger NanoX. If users don't wish to use this hardware based wallets, they can also install mobile based wallets like Coinomi wallet or AtomicWallet in order to keep more cryptos with some extra benefits.

FalconSwap Staking: the fee portions acquired on the FalconSwap Ecosystem is going to be used for FSW purchases from the digital market & granted to the staking users on the platform.


The FSW token is a well Structured ETH based token which helps as a core unit for carrying out different swapping transactions. The token is also going to be used to Participate in various sectors such as, staking options, discount on taxes, LiquidityMining, Coin burning, and many more. The present circulating TokenSupply is 33,000,000 FSW, while the total TokenSupply is 100,000,000 FSW tokens. Users can also access the token on exchanges like UniswapV2 & Hotbit Medium. The FSW coin burning


The FalconSwap project is really looking towards the facilitation of transactions (Swapping), while Aggregating various Decentralized Exchanges.

They also look to ease the functions for crypto currency exchanges while producing low slippage. With more prospects and schemes, the project promises to add more DeFi refined upgrades in order to expand the usecases of the Ecosystem and it's token. As the platform grows, the promise to grant amazing features such as Layer2 OrderMatching, cheap exchange fees, Low-Slippage, extra privacy and many more for the DeFi economy.

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I have almost 4 years of expertise as a digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK

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Emperor Okpanku Stella

Emperor Okpanku Stella

I have almost 4 years of expertise as a digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews FOLLOW ME I FOLLOW BACK

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