Creo- Engine - A GameContent Developing Medium Which Grants Various features for Players and Crypto Enthusiasts

The blockchain network has really improved over the years, which led to the introduction of various functions in different Digital platforms . After the initiation various systems have been put out to facilitate the users experience, Decentralization is a prime example. Decentralization is the defining characteristic of chain network technology and cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Since decentralized services do not rely on a centralized authority, they possess several benefits including censorship resistance, increased security, and resistance to hacking and manipulation

The CreoEngine platform is here to act as a platform which empowers various content developers with the ability to earn passive earnings, which means that it follows the play-to-earn mechanism. In the medium, users can have access to great games from these developers while earning at the same time. The CreoEngine has really adopted various systems like NFTs in order to reel in crypto users, the utilization of this sector will be mentioned in the article.


The CreoEngine concept has been introduced to users as a perfect gaming medium which grants various game content developers the power to easily establish or release their self-made games on the creoengine network. On this newly developed network, the game developers here also have the ability to Efficiently monetize their different games in order to gain some passive Revenue, the platform's team have mentioned that any new game content developer who is willing to be part of the network, must initially take their crypto currency for a specific time frame.

CreoEngine's team has also gone out of their way to enable the C2C Market for various users here, Every game on CreoEngine is interoperable, which in turn provides a list of games which the players can choose from and enjoy with NFTs. The best part about the entire thing is that the c2c marketplace here allows various players to easily trade their assets or items. There's also the amazing leveling Up functionality which grants more value and worth to the NFTs when the players level-up in their games. While on this, players can also transfer every type of NFT across the whole CreoEngine network.


The CreoEngine network makes great use of a well structured token which is generally know as the CREOtoken. It acts the power house of the entire network and can be utilized for various reasons too. These reasons include mediums like; Staking programs, Governance, and so on.


Out of the total token supply of One Billion Tokens, portions are reserved or allocated to different sectors, the pairings will be stated below:

3% - Seed Sale

4.5% - Private Round

2% - Prepublic Round

1.5% - IDO sale

10% - team

5% - Advisors

14% - Game Development

10% - Staking Reward

3% - Partnership

3% - Reserve and Incentives

10% - Liquidity

20% - Playtoearn Rewards

5% - Affiliate and Marketing

9% - Ecosystem Fund


This CreoEngine Medium has been placed a lot of amazing features for both amazing gamers and creative game content developers. The platform has also recently partnered with some Prominent networks such as Gusta Capital, YAY games, and so on. With time, they'll reel in more and more top names while satisfying the interest of the community.

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I am a experienced digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews, Also a Norse by Profession. Please Follow me I Follow back

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Emperor Okpanku Stella

I am a experienced digital marketer. I majored in degital marketing and blockchain project reviews, Also a Norse by Profession. Please Follow me I Follow back