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Background of study

The company developed COPUPPY, a proprietary platform. Intellectual property laws, including copyright laws, safeguard COPUPPY as well as all of the content on the COPUPPY website. It is understood and agreed that you will not modify, duplicate, reproduce, retransmit, disseminate, sell, publish, broadcast, or create derivative works from COPUPPY source code or comparable confidential or proprietary data, or even other comparable information provided via COPUPPY, without the prior written consent of the Company.COPUPPY can not be used for any criminal activity.

You confirm that you have gone through and agree with these terms, and that the company now grants you a non-exclusive, non-assignable, royalty-free license to use COPUPPY in accordance with the terms. Every other request is totally forbidden. All rights in and to COPUPPY, including all users not expressly authorized herein, are reserved.

Furthermore, the names COPUPPY and the COPUPPY logo (collectively, the "COPUPPY Marks") are licensed to COPUPPY and are protected by applicable trademark laws. Nothing in these terms and conditions should be construed as providing any license or permission to use any of the COPUPPY marks shown on this website without our prior written consent. We retain the right to revoke permission at any moment. Any unauthorized use of these COPUPPY Marks is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.No COPUPPY mark may be used in the creation, issue, sale, or offer for sale of any alternative investment; trading; distribution; solicitation; marketing; or promotion of any alternative investment.


COPUPPY information is the most aesthetically appealing Metaverse project now accessible on BSC. To make the Puppy World more accessible, the initiative combines collections, gaming, money, and other features. COPUPPY has an incredible environment and cash model that mixes the current popular mining, NFT, GameFi, Metaverse, and other well-known ideas, and improves as a consequence of its unique blend of these ideas.

COPUPPY will eventually expand into a massive decentralized Metaverse venture that will include a broad range of varied circumstances and pursuits in the coming years.

Features of cupppy

Puppy Battle is a GameFi game: The COPUPPY social class's tiny canines have unanimously decided that NFTs and the game are the most effective means of coping with merging. As a result, COPUPPY has sent the choice game "pup Battle" to do this

Farm: Little canines can obtain CKEY by socking away quick LP or growing on farms. You may also join the payout pool and amass the CKEY by storing the Single Token that has been allocated to them.

It's like a game show: The COPUPPY battle pits 100 tiny canines of diverse forms and sizes against each other, split into ten separate canine classes, which are as follows:

There are the Shiba Inu, Husky, Pug, St. Bernard, Corgi, Alaskan Malamute, Teddy, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, and more species to choose from.

The four most convincing breeds in COPUPPY World

  1. Shiba Inu,
  2. Husky,
  3. Pug, and
  4. St. Bernard,

They are represented by the following species: Little canines can attend their preferred gatherings and be required to help troops in return for more treats.

The initial round of canine battle will involve more than four distinct breeds, and Genesis Card holders will get a part of the canine's ticket income equivalent to 20% of the total.

NFT is a combat card: Near the start of the game, the customer can select one of four unique gatherings, each of which comprises dogs of diverse fighting skills and assortments, as well as canines of various genders and fighting abilities. These canines have a wide range of maneuvers that they employ throughout the group.

Because NFT card fights are based on pool redresses, the small guys must use cards to gain tokens just after tokens have been allocated to the pool of players. As a consequence, the pool will be filled with infinite CP for an unusually lengthy amount of time. If it is not too difficult, suggest that the tiny person join in a battle for subtleties. A really consuming condition: We will give a growing number of huge games for Pup World, and all earned CP will be burned.


Starting Card is a non-profit organization located in the Metaverse-Little Canine Universe in the COPUPPY world. Starting cards have ten canine images, each with only one image that is both insufficient and excessively large in size. Puppies that have the Genesis Card NFT have unrivaled authority to propose the creation of the Puppy World organization. It is the sole warrant for the pet neighborhood, and it has essential rights and interests such as majority rule, additional rights, and the right to serve on the board. Genesis Cards come in four varieties: cyberpunk, knight, ninja, and Viking champion.Different colours represent unique types.

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